Quotient Capital | About
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Company Introduction

Quotient Capital is a blockchain asset investment management company founded in Australia, 2004.


The firm started as a conventional asset management company before focusing primarily in the acquisitions and trading of various cryptocurrencies, as well as investments into cryptocurrency-related companies and assets.


We are one of the few multinational firms who has chosen to invest in the blockchain development of our dynamic consultant team.


Our traders, analysts and managers ensure that the company is at the forefront of blockchain technology development.


Quotient Capital currently has 5.8 Billion USD assets under management and 5 offices globally.

Jon Downing, CEO

Jon is based in Silicon Valley and he oversees the formulation and implementation of the company’s cryptocurrency portfolio and trading strategies.


Since the company’s inception in 2004, Jon has quietly grown its assets under management from 30 million US dollars to over 5 billion US dollars today. Under his guidance, the company’s portfolio has managed to hold the all-time annual performance record for cryptocurrency trading (847.2%).


Jon brings 13 years of experience in the asset management industry both as a senior analyst and senior trader with UBS prior to 2011. He also has extensive M&A experience, having completed more than 70 transactions with an aggregate transaction value of over US$12 billion.


Jon holds a Bachelor’s in mathematics from the University of Chicago along with a Masters in Finance from the University of Houston, where he graduated with distinctions.