Quotient Capital | Cryptocurrency Equities
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Cryptocurrency Equities

Investment Objective

Quotient Capital aims to provide investors with medium to long-term capital growth from a diversified portfolio of cryptocurrency equities and assets.


The myriad of possibilities through the application of blockchain technology has driven success for many companies like Ethereum with an almost 100000% ROI since inception in 2014. Blockchain technology is far reaching across diverse industries; banks create in-house payment solutions to slash cost and increase efficiency, logistics companies develop new solutions to monitor and track goods to streamline delivery, utility providers better integrate renewable energy sources on the electricity grid, among many other ways.


To date, Quotient Capital has been actively seeking to invest in companies from all industries powered by innovative blockchain technology. Our portfolio of cryptocurrency equities benefit from new blockchain technology while we generate returns from their success.


Quotient Capital cryptocurrency assets aims to form a significant block of capital growth. This investment segment is operated by veteran analysts, who actively go through both startups and experienced companies, evaluating risk and opportunity.


The basic conditions that our team observes before considering any investment, are each company’s proprietary technology, the competency of its leaders, and room for potential growth.


Quotient Capital has invested 150 million US dollars thus far with an asset investment portfolio that stretches across many different areas within the cryptocurrency industry.

Cryptocurrency Exchange

Cryptocurrency Wallet

Blockchain Computing Platform

Blockchain Music Platform

Blockchain Entertainment Platform

Blockchain Payment Processing Platform

Blockchain Solutions Platform