Quotient Capital | Managed Trading
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Managed Trading


We take an active investment approach in generating returns. With active management, we aim to add value to our clients’ portfolios through our decisions on cryptocurrency asset allocation and cryptocurrency security selection. Each Investment Strategy chosen has its own unique investment approach that portfolio managers use to generate the returns. We manage risks by keeping close watch on market conditions and taking appropriate actions to rebalance clients’ portfolios and implement loss control measures where necessary. Through disciplined risk management, we balance the risk-return potential of our clients’ portfolios.

Global Presence

Researchers and Analysts in Australia and our regional network which includes England, Switzerland, Japan and USA.


Select from a suite of managed account packages to suit your risk profile and investment objectives.


No withdrawal restrictions and no long-term lock-in period


Full availability of how your investment holdings are performing through our 24×7 online MT4 platform.

Trading Tools

Virtual Private Server

The VPS allows trading from a favourable location that is close to our MT4 servers hosted to reduce latency, deliver faster execution speeds, increase order filling accuracy and reduce slippage.

Economic Calendar

The real-time Economic Calendar displays all upcoming Economic events, news and the outcome of all past events that influence the cryptocurrency markets. We can judge the impact on the cryptocurrency markets from researching previous events.

MT4 History Data Centre

For the benefit of developers and traders, the MT4 History Data Centre includes data for multiple currency pairs for back testing and efficiency testing.

MT4 platform

Quotient Capital’s trading model has a flow beneficial for our traders as all orders are received and sent from our MT4 trading platform directly through to the cryptocurrency exchanges automatically.

Trading Superiority

No Re-quotes

By establishing anonymous trading with multiple leading liquidity providers, Quotient Capital has access to a deep and stable pool of liquidity, low spreads and the ability to operate any scalping strategy or automated systems.


Quotient Capital will provide first-class execution to ensure all trading strategies can operate without restrictions.


With market execution, all orders are submitted to cryptocurrency exchanges and no re-quotes are guaranteed, allowing traders to execute orders at their requested prices.

MT4 Platform

Orders executed via the MT4 platform straight through to our liquidity providers at the lowest possible price. MT4 provides the ideal environment to operate automated trading systems and all aggressive cryptocurrency trading strategies.

Fast Order Execution

Exceptional execution speeds are achieved through technology and leading liquidity. Latency is reduced and faster order execution is experienced by our traders.

Anonymous Trading

Trading with Quotient Capital ensures all new, stops loss, take profit and pending orders remain anonymous. Anonymity protects our profitable trading strategy against manipulation whether we trade using scalping systems, hedge or use automated trading tools.

Global Data Centres

5 data centres are strategically in place around the world to allow all traders, regardless of their location to trade through fibre-optic connections to the MT4 server for superior filling quality, low latency and fast execution.