Quotient Capital | The Cryptocurrency Investment Rush
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The Cryptocurrency Investment Rush

The Cryptocurrency Investment Rush

Shanghai, China – The cryptocurrency industry has been making headlines this year with Bitcoin’s record breaking highs of $7000 in November. This surge of optimism is propelling growth and investment in cryptocurrency equities, with investors scrambling to break into the cryptocurrency marketplace to cash in on burgeoning opportunities. The two key areas available for investors lies in cryptocurrency holdings and blockchain companies.

It can be mind-boggling initially when deciding on which cryptocurrencies to invest in when there are over a thousand cryptocurrencies to choose from. The distinction between a good trade and a bad one stems from the level of capitalisation of the cryptocurrency. A highly-capitalised cryptocurrency allows many trade opportunities as the market is active and stable.

Many cryptocurrencies have shown tremendous growth. Ideal options have been consolidated in the list below:

Bitcoin: It is the most popular cryptocurrency and it comes as no surprise to being the first coin to be traded and in this year alone in 2017, prices have jumped 7 times. However, Bitcoin was created to only allow for 21 million coins in circulation and this constraint has led to the creation of a variety of other coins.

Ethereum: With the second largest market capitalisation on cryptocurrency exchanges, trading activity have been vibrant, rising as much as 30times in 2017. This new coin was built to give an innovative structure to the industry and business applications of the technology has been the main driver of demand for Ethereum.

Bitcoin Cash: In August 2017, Bitcoin’s identical twin was created. Although identical, the motive for Bitcoin cash is to replace its predecessor. It allows faster transactions, and mining generates a greater volume of coins. In the few months that followed, its value has doubled and currently occupies a market capitalisation of 10 Billion USD.

Ripple: With a current market capitalisation of 7 Billion USD, the popularity of the coin is built upon its ability as an open source protocol to allow secure, reliable and free financial transaction to take place. Banks such as UBS and Bank of America have incorporated Ripple technology.

Quotient Capital is a pioneering Cryptocurrency investment company. In early 2011, the firm has set up a reliable and proven trading desk for Cryptocurrency holdings. Quotient Capital’s trading superiority comes from fast order execution, global data centres for low latency, no ‘re-quotes’ to guarantee orders are executed at requested prices and a reliable and efficient MetaTrader4 trading platform.

Blockchain companies are a second option for investors. Blockchain technology created by these companies drive the demand for cryptocurrency

In 2017, blockchain companies have shown tremendous growth and the influx of investment has given rise to the creation of new innovative technology.

This is made possible by the endless possibilities that blockchain technology promises. Their applications spread across many areas of use including; blockchain ledger to simplify trade processing and settlement by eliminating intermediaries, reduce remittance processing times and costs, insurance claims processing can be transparent with more accurate information provided, allowing insurers to assess claims with less discrepancy.

Blockchain companies typically look to crowdfunding platforms to amass the needed capital to start up the company. This platform allows investors to use cryptocurrencies to buy into these companies and as their prices soar, investors are laden with more cash to fund more start-ups.

ICOs are another alternative. Initial Coin Offerings are a means by which funds are raised for a new cryptocurrency ventures. These offerings have been made popular with the massive returns generated by cryptocurrency firms such as NEO that achieved an ROI of 84000% since 2015, NXT achieved an ROI of 340000% since 2013, and IOTA achieved an ROI of 84000% since 2015.

Quotient Capital’s intimate relationship with cryptocurrency assets have provided insight and a keen eye for investment into high-yielding blockchain companies and start-ups. Quotient Capital’s diverse portfolio of cryptocurrency equities limits exposure whilst profiting from the massive boom in the cryptocurrency market.